Consumer Behaviour

Urban Consumer Markets in India

The heterogeneity that characterizes the modern Indian consumer has created a maze that marketeers would like to unravel inorder to target their products and services precisely. In this blog,  we see the analytics presented by Indicus Analytics on the various facets of urban consumers, across geographies and socio-economic groups. Despite visible growth in rural markets, […]


Customer Equity

Customers produce a stream of revenues – either short-term or enduring or flat or growing with time. There is a real economic cost associated with these cash flows: the cost of acquiring, retaining and developing (ARD) customers and their revenue streams. The difference between revenues and cost of ARD is the customer equity. Customer equity […]


The Rural Consumer

The rural consumer behaviour exhibits certain behaviour unique to rural settings and this makes it important for marketers to understand rural consumers through appropriate research. Rural consumers, for example, tend to lead a more relaxed lifestyle compared to the urban counterparts and exhibit little urgency. Consumers in rural markets tend to have greater trust in […]