Brand Licensing

Brand Licensing is a strategic relationship between a brand owner (licensor) and a manufacturer (licensee) in which the licensor grants the licensee the right to manufacture and distribute specific products or services under the brand name. For example, Timex Group has recently acquired license from the International Cricket Council (ICC) for launching merchandise using the …

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Kellogg’s in India

Kellogg's cereals were consumed around the globe with around 40% of the US ready-to-eat market. Kellogg's had over 20 plants in 18 countries worldwide, with yearly sales reaching above US $6 billion. However, Kellogg's was under pressure with competition from General Mills and other close rivals. The cereal industry had been stagnant for over a …

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Why Oranjolt failed?

Rasna Limited is one of the leading soft drinks companies in India. The Rasna advertisement is as mouth-watering as the drink itself. We will discuss about Rasna's experiment of a new drink outside its niche segment. Given the threat of foreign competitors, Rasna was pressed to do something new.  Rasna launched a drink called 'Oranjolt'. …

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Every smoker is a marketer

A smoker is extremely loyal to his brand. A smoker feels that the brand resembles him and he acts as if he resembles the brand. One of the biggest advantages with tobacco companies is it has a process of network marketing for free. Most of the people who smoke would've been taught how to smoke …

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The Advertising Train

Each time you hear a start-up story, you will say 'Shit!! I got this idea some time back'. If this happens to you, don't worry you are not alone. This happens to all those wannapreneurs. We all travelled in Indian Railways, and at some time of our travel we all checked out some ads like …

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Starting a Microfinance business in India

Setting up a microfinance institution in India.

Intelligence and Passion

For all people there are two primary views of their life. One is the way they see themselves, and the other is how the 'rest of the world' sees them. Ofcourse, in this "rest of the world" there will be many people who have different opinions about you. Intelligence Let the way you see yourself …

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