Help your audience understand your presentation

Marketers revolve around customers, insights, plans, and strategies. No matter who you are in business, you always attend or deliver presentations. With some experience of delivering and attending presentations, I thought of sharing some of my learnings here for the benefit of others and myself. I happen to attend and deliver some marketing presentations and …

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HBS Case Studies to read

Some of the case studies which are a must-read for every marketer: 1. Marketing Myopia There is a reason for this being the first in this list. This is a revolutionary article on Marketing written by Theodore Levitt. This article made him world-famous and the father of modern marketing. This is one of my favourite …

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Inflation and its affect on the FMCG industry

The last few years were a golden period for the FMCG industry. The economy was growing at a faster rate, imput prices were low, and inflation was low. This year the food inflation is very high around 12%, and the raw material cost has increased upto 15 to 20 percent compared to last year. The …

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Indian Rural Markets and their potential

India is one of the most challenging markets in the world which fooled big marketers and companies across the world. We have over 1500 Gods segmented into 350 broad categories, and we have a God for every single day of the week. There are 9.5 lakh pan shops, 638,667 number of villages, 612 districts, and …

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HLL Rural Developmental Marketing


Akihabara – The Japanese Test Market

Japan is the mecca of electronic products. Experts say, people don't buy products based on their income but on their taste. This variation in taste leads to a huge variety of products in the market, brutal competition, and lots of experimentation. Tokyo is a vast market for new commercial ideas. Tokyo's great diversity, size, and …

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