Hi, Welcome to Brandalyzer!

My name is Sai and I have started Brandalyzer to learn, share, discuss and debate about retail, business, human behavior and the philosophy of life and self-improvement. Therefore, you will see posts on a strange breadth of topics from retail and marketing to psychology and procrastination.

I believe that personal psychology is a key to all human behavior and an improvement in understanding of behavioural psychology will make things clearer across all aspects. Therefore, the blog has a crucial mix of both business-oriented topics and personal psychology, helping us understand the world in an integral point of view.

Please feel free to contact me at: 

Email: brandalyzerblog@gmaildotcom (or) bsaikrishna@gmaildotcom

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this blog are completely my personal views and opinions and do not represent the views of any organizations or institutions I am associated with. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Vinuthan Vasistha

    Amazingly clear thoughts, well put across . It is very simple for even a layman to understand. Appreciate the pain you take to share your thoughts with all.

  2. hello krishna.greeting from royal agro foods we are looking out for distributors for our new product its royal whole wheat.i have also mail you a small detail of our requirment. for futher disussion please call 022-41419191 ext 108
    contact person aarti aiwale

  3. Rahul Chawra

    This is one of the best blogs that I have found to learn about marketing and related fields. Love your work. Thanks a lot and keep it coming.

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