Consumer Behaviour

The Modern Trade Consumer in India

With increased exposure to global brands, latest internet communications, and desire for better lifestyle, the consumers today are looking to use the global, trendy, life-style oriented products and are demanding more in terms of the shopping experience, simplicity, quality products, and value. The evolution of Modern Trade is just meeting the demands of these consumers […]


Television Advertisements – Clutter breakthrough and Brand Relevance

Before reading this article, just close your eyes zeroing your mind for a moment and recollect three television advertisements. Write down a few details of each of the television advertisements you could recollect. Of all the numerous advertisements I’ve watched, I could recollect only three advertisements: The old Nescafe advertisement The recent Flipkart’s advertisement of […]


Packaging gaining more importance

Although advertising can be a highly effective means of communication for those consumers who are exposed to it, it is becoming extremely difficult to reach with increased media fragmentation and costs of TVCs. Advertising on TV is a very costly affair and is done only when other vehicles cannot attain the objectives. Increase in Modern […]


Deodorants and the launch of ‘Sure’

According to newspaper reports, deodorants and fragrances market in India is more than Rs. 10,000 million in 2010. No one could have imagined that deodorants would become such a huge market in India. It required a monumental marketing effort to convert people from an old to a new way to meet a primary human need. […]

More is currently among the top e-commerce companies in India. Recently, they started above the line (ATL) advertising with the television commercial(TVC) below. As most of us know, if you have the pockets, a TVC is probably the best way to create awareness of your brand in India. TVC on air Going on TV […]


A to B and B to A marketing

In marketing, there are two fundamental principles called Attitude to Behaviour (A to B) and Behaviour to Attitude (B to A) marketing. In A to B marketing, you target and change the attitude of the consumer first, so that the change in the attitude may result in a desired change in the behaviour. For example, […]