is currently among the top e-commerce companies in India. Recently, they started above the line (ATL) advertising with the television commercial(TVC) below. As most of us know, if you have the pockets, a TVC is probably the best way to create awareness of your brand in India. TVC on air

Going on TV is a very big investment for any brand. A lot of strategic thought has to go behind such move. Most of the e-commerce websites in India lack awareness. There are a few successes like Flipkart, which got people’s trust with time and which initially sold only books – considered to be a safe category to buy online.

For people to buy you, they should know you first. So, might have thought that trying to increase awareness through word of mouth(WOM) or through some BTL promos will take a lot of time and may never happen. This gives a chance for competition at any time in future. So, the awareness also helps them strategically in avoiding a ‘deep pocket’ competitor in future.

One of the biggest problems to buy online is ‘trust’. Lot of research proved that people generally trust a brand that comes on TV. So, achieved both awareness and trust with this TVC, which I think is an initial success. I am very sure that Myntra must have received an exponential increase in the number of hits, and registered users. But, people will forget things very quickly in this cluttered world. Myntra has to follow-up the consumers with banner ads, direct marketing, etc. to be in the consumer’s mind. This helps them to achieve the first target – getting established in the consumer’s mind. But, the bigger question is – how to make users buy stuff online?.

Beginning to be looked as a brand, Myntra could afford to give heavy promos without letting the consumer doubt Myntra. They only hope that with such heavy promos, and cash back guarantees people will start buying online. I think Myntra should look at their promotions more strategically. Instead of providing promos to buy online, it would be good to direct the promos towards letting the consumer experience buying online. In India, most consumers still haven’t experienced buying online. So, if one needs to be successful, one needs to attack this area.

Promotions should have a strategic direction

Myntra should direct their promotions activity more towards categories that will help consumers make choices easily. Some of the categories may be: track pants, shorts, simple backpacks, slip-on’s, flip flops, etc. This will make the consumer go and buy categories which are relatively easy to decide and not so high-involving category as apparel. Once consumers buy low-involving categories like above, you begin to take their trust to the next level. They trust you as a brand, and they trust you to buy online. Once you’ve achieved this stage, if consumers are still wary to buy apparel online, strategic directed promotions should be set up to help consumers first experience buying apparel online. For example, you may give a t-shirt free if consumers buy above 2500 rupees. Give some online promotions for any in-shop purchases. This will make consumers take that risk of choosing apparel online as it is for free. If you deliver as promised to the consumer, you will be embraced by him.

I believe it is only time this happens in India. With India being a relatively young country, I think e-commerce boom is just a few years away. It is time that we take this business very seriously.

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  1. rajesh

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  2. J Kumar

    All of us can use jargons about e-commerce. However, it is the consumer who is the best analyst as he is the one who faces the bitter experiences with these online portals. You ask for one size, they send you another. You ask for one color, their logistic team sends you one which is left over there in its stock. This is my experience with Myntra and Let’s Buy in a span of three months. The probability of carelessness is to an extent of 80%. Most of these on-line shops will close down soon.

    1. Sad to hear such consumer experiences. I personally had some good experiences with ZOVI and InkFruit. I think gaining trust is the key to success in e-commerce. Yes, mistakes will be made but the most important thing is the lessons should be learnt. I think the e-commerce space in India is going to become a serious contender in this next decade. E-commerce is going to learn its lessons and evolve as the consumers also evolve.

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