Scheduling Strategy for Advertisements

Scheduling deals with the question, ‘When should we advertise the product?’ The answer depends on many factors such as the marketing objective, product sales trend, competition, budget, etc. as we will see in the article. Types of scheduling patterns: There are three types of scheduling patterns broadly: Continuity – Advertise throughout the year and evenly […]


Promotions: Maggi Club

Maggi Noodles was launched in 1983 as a tasty treat for children, with the brand communicating a strong fun element. The packaging was bright, innovative, and attractive. The brand appealed to mothers as it was very convenient, taking only 2 minutes to prepare, and the price is very affordable. Maggi was a big success. But, […]


Promotions: Mattel Hot Wheels Driving License

Hot Wheels die-cast metal cars were launched by Mattel in India in 1990. They were positioned as high speed international cars for boys 3-12 years old. By 1992, the brand has attained about 10% share with competition largely coming from smuggled goods of MatchBox and Corgi from Hongkong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Mattel faced two main […]


Touch point strategy

Segmenting consumers and understanding their behavior helps us understand the different customer interactions and touch points available for each of these consumer segments. Understanding the brand personality and the moods the brand can leverage will provide the advantage to communicate the values and be present at relevant touch points. With the media clutter the consumers […]


The Global, National, and Regional strategy

Consumers come from different cultures, demographics, psychographics, and are at different evolutionary stages. Different markets have different advantages and disadvantages. The majority of the largest companies in the world produce and distribute products across national borders. Most companies have different products in different continents at an instant of time. Also, based on the different consumer markets […]

More is currently among the top e-commerce companies in India. Recently, they started above the line (ATL) advertising with the television commercial(TVC) below. As most of us know, if you have the pockets, a TVC is probably the best way to create awareness of your brand in India. TVC on air Going on TV […]


FMCG Distribution Network

The typical chain for a grocer store FMCG product will be: Manufacturing plant -> Company Ware House -> Regional Ware House -> Regional Stockist or Depot -> Super Stockist or Depot -> Stockist/Depot -> Distributor -> Retailer Main Godown -> C&F Agents/Super Stockists -> Distributors as per the territories -> Wholesalers/Retailers So, the retailers either […]