Promotions: Maggi Club

Maggi Noodles was launched in 1983 as a tasty treat for children, with the brand communicating a strong fun element. The packaging was bright, innovative, and attractive. The brand appealed to mothers as it was very convenient, taking only 2 minutes to prepare, and the price is very affordable. Maggi was a big success.

But, subsequently the brand faced two main challenges:

  • Cost escalation forced the company to increase the price of the product
  • It became clear that advertising was required to maintain sales. The brand requires constant support.


The need was to establish a strong core franchise of loyalist regular users among children under 14 by means of more closely targeted and less expensive than continuous mass media advertising.

Promotion Chosen:

Children under 14 were invited (by press ads and leaflet distribution in schools) to become members of a Maggi Club. The child has to send 5 Maggi logos cut from the packs. The members received a club membership card and a list of gifts of fun activities for the year ahead. Some of the gifts are: Snap Safari Game, Disney Today Comic , Standees Set, Cap and Mask set, etc.


The promotion was extremely successful with large enrollments obtained. These members represented an expanding core franchise set of regular loyalists for the brand.




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      1. Mohit Kumar Jaswal

        Disappointing fact.
        I was a regular member of Maggi Club and enjoyed lots of games and books from them.

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