The buzz about Twitter, TV, and Nielsen

What is Twitter for TV ? Historically, TV viewers have always liked to discuss and debate about TV shows. People always talked about that particular cricket shot, actor, and that movie scene as they watched TV in their drawing rooms. But, the discussion was traditionally limited (geographically) to people inside the room. Twitter for TV allows you to tweet your ‘talk’ […]


Entertainment in Television Advertisements

As I mentioned in earlier blog posts, to communicate something to a recipient one has to command the recipient’s attention and then be relevant to the recipient. Communication:  Command Attention (Clutter breaking) ->  Be Relevant This holds true even for communication among two individuals or two groups of people or for television commercials (TVCs). For the […]


AdStock GRPs

AdStock is a simple mathematical model of how advertising builds and decays. It is invented by Simon Broadbent as he studied Milward Brown’s ad awareness data. AdStock helps to: Optimize your advertisement scheduling Used in marketing-mix modelling to come up with advertising ROIs, etc. Helps you decide when to be off-air and when to be […]