Brand Activations – An entertaining interaction for the consumer

A visit to any mall and you see it is filled with the in-mall activations and the in-store activations. Brand Activations are catching up fast and becoming a serious BTL activity for the marketers and it is no more only for the awareness, PR and couponing. It is fast becoming an important weapon in marketing and brand management.

Brand Activation takes a holistic approach of linking social media, WOM, mobile and creating a unique brand experience to the user. The user will remember the experience as he experiences the brand in a unique way. It also provides more scope for creativity to the advertising and the brand activation agencies to create clutter-breaking interaction with the brand. Ad Agencies like StreetBlimps, Jagran Solutions, Connect Advertising which specialize in developing brand activation concepts, BTL advertising work closely with the event management partners in the delivery.


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