Flipkart attacks the online fears with its new set of TVCs

I was always excited with the company Flipkart and how carefully they are choosing their way forward. For now, Flipkart seems to be playing their cards right. Flipkart.com has aired three TVCs.  Each of the ads attack a distinct fear in the consumer’s mind towards online shopping, and how Flipkart solves that problem.

  • Fear of wrong product – 30 day replacement guarantee
  • Fear of giving credit card details online – Cash on Delivery feature
  • Fear of not getting the original product – Original products with original warantee

The creatives using kids to breakthrough the clutter, and the consumer worry and the solution offered by Flipkart is clearly communicated. The brand ‘Flipkart.com’ at the end is also very clear to be missed, which gives the branded breakthrough.

Enjoy the ads!



5 thoughts on “Flipkart attacks the online fears with its new set of TVCs

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  2. Srikrishna Dasu

    Very true… the way in which they gained customers confidence and now going into electronics is very nice move. But what i could not comprehed was when they have created their own supply chain logistics distribution network, why are they depending on other courier services like blue dart for delivery of mobiles???

    1. I am sure there may be many reasons. Some of the immediate reasons that I could think of for using an outside vendor for the delivery of mobiles.

      1. It could be that they may want to leverage the brand equity of Blue Dart, as people have a trust on BlueDart shipping. So, basically they don’t want consumers to think – “I know Flipkart is good in books, but I am not sure if they can ship my mobile safely or not”. So, they may want to bring that assurance in the customer’s mind with the brand Blue Dart, that their product will be shipped safely. The importance of this increases with the cost of the item and things like how fragile it is, etc. So, people will need more shipping assurance for a mobile than a book.
      2. The logistics of a mobile or any electronics item as a product may require different levels of safety precautions and logistic practices which Flipkart may not have the expertise in.
      3. Shipping an expensive product may require different levels of insurane, taxation, etc. which Flipkart might have thought it is better to outsource to a general provider
      4. To use the economies of scale. Probably, Flipkart found it to be more cheaper to outsource it to general providers like BlueDart which can leverage on the economies of scale as BlueDart services multiple clients across geographies.
      5. The logistics partner may be different in different locations based on the costs and customer expectations. It depends on their channel strategies on how they are partnering with different vendors to deliver the best customer experience for different products.

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