Surrogate Advertisements

In most countries, alcohol and tobacco advertisements are banned. So, companies use a strategy which is to embed the brand of alcohol or tobacco in some other product and advertise that product. This is called as Surrogate Advertising, where the advertisement ostensibly advertises some other brand. For example, a whiskey brand does surrogate advertisements of soda, mineral water, etc.

Have I made it large

I think most of the people will have Royal Stag’s “Have I made it large” and McDowell’s direct attack on Royal Stag at the top of their minds (TOM). Both of them are surrogate advertisements. Royal Stag is a major brand of whiskey in India. As it is banned to advertise, they associated themselves with cricket gear. So, they advertise for Royal Stag cricket gear and McDowell’s advertise for their brand of soda, McDowell’s No.1 Soda.

Other Surrogate Advertisements

Bagpiper Whisky: Advertises their brand of soda, Bagpiper Soda
Imperial Blue: Advertises their brand of music cd’s
Royal Challenge: Advertises cricket gear, IPL, Music CD’s

As it is obvious, the intention of the advertisements is to build the brand and increase the sales of their whisky products. It is observed that most people know that a Royal Stag advertisement is not for the cricket gear, but it is the whisky. This ascertains that the advertisements are targeted at the right consumer segment.

Meanwhile, the fight between McDowell’s and Royal Stag on the TV continues…