Tata Steel trying to regain its corporate equity

Over the last decade, Tata Steel has lost its equity within the Tata Group of companies. There was a time when every engineer in India used to aspire to work for Tata Steel. Tata Steel was once the dominant company among the Tata Group, but in the last decade it was overshadowed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Tata Motors Ltd.

Tata Steel wants to regain its position as the number one company within the Tata Group. Though there performances are good, somehow they lost the charm they had earlier, especially as an aspiration for the youth. Tata Steel wants to re-gain its corporate equity. There has been an increased focus on this issue, and you could see a lot of advertisements in both traditional and interactive media working around corporate branding. Various leaders within the company are shown in a move to inspire the youth towards Tata Steel.

Ogilvy worked on this corporate branding activity. They came up with the tag line – “This is not advertising. This is life @ Tata Steel.”