You’re imperfect and you will struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging

Spontaneous Communication by Stanford GSB

Self control by Dan Ariely

Dan Pink: Drive — Our Motivations are Unbelievably Interesting

You are never going to feel like it!

What do investment banks do? – MoneyWeek

The power of believing that you can improve

Comfort Zone Challenges

The buzz about Twitter, TV, and Nielsen

What is Twitter for TV ? Historically, TV viewers have always liked to discuss and debate about TV shows. People always talked about that particular cricket shot, actor, and that movie scene as they watched TV in their drawing rooms. But, the discussion was traditionally limited (geographically) to people inside the room. Twitter for TV allows you to tweet your ‘talk’ …

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What’s happening in Online India?

The Nielsen Global Online Shopping Report looks at how consumers shop online: what they intend to buy, how they use various sites, the impact of social media and other factors that come into play when they are trying to decide how to spend their money. More than eight out of ten Indian online consumers plan …

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Nielsen Consumer 360 – The next BIG thing

Bettering a billion lives, India’s Unique ID System

Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India, Nandan Nilekani, said over a third of India’s 1.1 billion consumers had been largely overlooked in areas such as banking and social services. Speaking to business leaders gathered at The Nielsen Company’s Consumer 360 event in New Delhi, Nilekani said this had come about in part because …

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We’re born unequal

We're born unequal and any veil of equality or inequality still treats us unequally which cannot make everyone happy. The world is the symbol of our heart.  This is how our selfishness evolved and it is not the mistake of any particular idealogy. Enjoy this video on Neoliberalism.

Too much talk, too little do

Randy Pausch on Time Management

Clinic Plus and Chulbuli

Clinic Plus is the second most sold brand of shampoo in the rural markets after Cavin Kare's Chik shampoo. The following Clinic Plus advertisement is designed for the Indian Rural Markets. There is an animated character called Chulbuli.  The advertisement is partly based on the small girl of the original urban advertisement. We see both the advertisements below …

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What makes a region productive ?

The Five competitive forces that shape strategy – Michael E. Porter