Promotions: Maggi Club

Maggi Noodles was launched in 1983 as a tasty treat for children, with the brand communicating a strong fun element. The packaging was bright, innovative, and attractive. The brand appealed to mothers as it was very convenient, taking only 2 minutes to prepare, and the price is very affordable. Maggi was a big success. But, …

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Promotions: Mattel Hot Wheels Driving License

Hot Wheels die-cast metal cars were launched by Mattel in India in 1990. They were positioned as high speed international cars for boys 3-12 years old. By 1992, the brand has attained about 10% share with competition largely coming from smuggled goods of MatchBox and Corgi from Hongkong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Mattel faced two main …

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Promotions Management

Every promotion has an objective to increase sales, brand-building, building added values to the brand, increase purchase frequency, introducing a new sample product, etc. Based on the objective to be achieved, category/brand managers and key account managers develop and implement a promotional programme that gives the maximum return on investment and maintains the trade-off between …

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