Cash & Carry retail in India

Cash and carry is a membership based retail store selling limited SKUs in bulk packs. Cash and carry has a membership requirement. Customers are usually members of the club and pay an annual fee in order to continue their membership. It is not like any other retail outlet where in one can go and buy …

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FMCG Distribution Network

The typical chain for a grocer store FMCG product will be: Manufacturing plant -> Company Ware House -> Regional Ware House -> Regional Stockist or Depot -> Super Stockist or Depot -> Stockist/Depot -> Distributor -> Retailer Main Godown -> C&F Agents/Super Stockists -> Distributors as per the territories -> Wholesalers/Retailers So, the retailers either …

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Free Trade Warehouse Zones (FTWZs) and GST

The Government of India has allotted special zones called Free Trade Warehouses to promote trade. The advantage with these warehouses is companies can store there stock in these warehouses and can pay the customs duty only when they actually pull the stock out of the warehouse. For example, the a major petroleum corporation in Rajahmundry …

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