Consumer Behaviour

What’s happening in Online India?

The Nielsen Global Online Shopping Report looks at how consumers shop online: what they intend to buy, how they use various sites, the impact of social media and other factors that come into play when they are trying to decide how to spend their money. More than eight out of ten Indian online consumers plan […]


Pond’s toothpaste

Pond’s, the popular brand for cosmetics, applied its brand name to toothpaste releasing Pond’s toothpaste. Pond’s has done a blind test and people were happy with the toothpaste. So Pond’s thought it will extend itself into the toothpaste category. But when Pond’s actually released the toothpaste with the Pond’s name on it, it is a […]


Brand Relationship Spectrum

Brand Management is a classic example of markets have changed into consumer-driven markets. Today, brand managers face a lot of market fragmentation, market realities, and competition. The Brand Managers are under pressure to leverage upon the brand assets because of higher costs of creating new brands, although this is dependent upon your brand strategy which […]