The Advertising Train

Each time you hear a start-up story, you will say ‘Shit!! I got this idea some time back’. If this happens to you, don’t worry you are not alone. This happens to all those wannapreneurs.

We all travelled in Indian Railways, and at some time of our travel we all checked out some ads like a small pamphlet sticked on the walls of the train or some handwriting on the wall. We checked, laughed and forgot about them . Yes, you guessed it. Indian Railways had decided to advertise inside and outside the train compartments. This blog is about the advertising inside the train compartment.

Train Journey

Most of you will skip this heading ‘Train Journey’. Yes you have, because you read it unconsciously. There is nothing special about the heading. More importantly the reason why you read it unconsciously is because your consciousness is not interested in it. This is what happens to most of the advertisements.

Now, spend a few seconds and think over the phrase ‘train journey’. You will recollect a few of your experiences, visualize the busy platforms, the train compartments and the berths. When you recollected these experiences, tell me what were you doing in the train? Most likely you would be reading magazines, talking to people, enjoying the view of the landscapes,  feeling the breeze, sleeping, day-dreaming, checking out the girls, eating everything that comes your way,talking on phone and a lot of other things .

I say we are all doing the same thing – killing time, which is one of the reasons why we checked out the graffiti on the wall of the train and laughed over it. You will analyze who would have written this on the wall of the train, observe the graffiti and after all you may forget or do something about it. But, will you do all this heavy duty analysis if your station is near, most likely no. This is what will happen to advertisements inside the trains.

Why is it effective ?

People will check your advertisements very closely. They will have all the time in the world to read even a full page textual ad. No surprise if people will read two-three times. So your advertisement will get such attention which you wouldn’t get under daily circumstances. Because in our daily circumstances, we are not conscious to kill time by reading an advertisement. It is the responsibility of the advertisement to grab our eye-balls by being different, whereas in a train the advertisement need not do much to grab attention, people will consciously perceive your advertisement.


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