Akihabara – The Japanese Test Market

Japan is the mecca of electronic products. Experts say, people don’t buy products based on their income but on their taste. This variation in taste leads to a huge variety of products in the market, brutal competition, and lots of experimentation. Tokyo is a vast market for new commercial ideas. Tokyo’s great diversity, size, and transportation systems make it one of the ideal markets for experimentation. These markets are called Test Markets or Antenna Districts.

Antenna Districts are places where companies test their new product ideas and fashion trends. Simply, these are the places which see any product first, and they see many products which the world doesn’t see. For example, Sieko Corporation develops more than 2,500 watch designs annually and introduces them in one such antenna district called Akihabara in Tokyo. Sony, the ikon of Japan, also tests more than 2000 products in this district alone. In fact, some experts say that the reason for Japan’s success in electronics is because of Akihabara. Sony PlayStation has been tested at Akihabara and on success in the test market, it has been launched against the traditional market research insights. Some of the world’s best companies send their products to Akihabara to see if they will succeed in such fierce competition and it is one of the best places to understand the consumer behaviour.


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