The Idea behind !dea

In mobile telephony services, big brands really matter. Bigger brands have the muscle to cover large geographical area, and provide better connectivity at lower prices. As the mobile market matures, with the advent of wireless services, the big brands like Airtel, Vodafone and the likes of Reliance will dominate the market and smaller players will either go out of business or will be acquired. Idea is not a very big brand, and it has a limited footprint when compared to the biggies.

Need to be perceived as a BIG brand

Idea wants to transform itself from being seen as a small brand to big brand. Unfortunately, Idea doesn’t have the deep pockets to really be bullish on its advertising and promotional campaigns. So, the idea for Idea is to do something big with limited budget. The target is to be a trendsetter and be the top brand in adding new subscribers.

The challenge is to come up with a big idea that has the potential to change the lives of the consumers. At the same time, the challenge is to appeal to all sorts of consumers both the masses as well as classes. There is a nice observation across the reality shows, which use mobiles as a voting device. Idea has borrowed this idea and wants to use it to express the socio-political concerns that can bring change in people’s life. So, they developed a set of campaigns over this idea. The main channel is TV and some OOH ( Out of Home ) and Radio solutions were used to support the main channel.


Idea achieved all the targets gained stature as a national brand. It is one of the top brands in addition of new subscribers.  It achieved all this with just half the spend compared to the big players. This campaign had inspired national leaders like Rahul Gandhi to actually take this approach of using mobile to listen to people’s woes.

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  1. Actually, Idea wanted to show people the use of mobiles in solving social problems. This approach has inspired leaders like Rahul Gandhi to take this approach.

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