Tata Magic

The Indian Automobile market has been majorly seen catering to the needs of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 consumers. Tata has been one of the brands that cater to the Bottom of the Pyramid markets. Tata Motors launched The Magic, developed on the platform of the stupendously successful Ace for urban and rural areas, as a comfortable, safe four-wheeler public transportation mode.

Tata Magic has recorded strong adoption in semi-urban and rural areas, and in 2009-10 its sales touched 49,000 units. The brand caters to the consumers at all levels. Tata Motors saw the gap in the passenger transportation segment too, in terms of the need for safer and comfortable four-wheeler passenger carriers at a price point of below Rs. 3 lakh. Tata Motors has reached the basic consumer very innovatively with its first-of-its-kind vehicle, Magic.