About Interstate Shipping in India

Unable to ship your products on time to your customers? Are your shipments returning to you after getting stuck atInter-State Checkpoints? Having difficulty in understanding the rules and finding the interstate shipping forms?

If these are the kind of questions that are troubling you with interstate shipping, then we have something incredibly awesome to share with you!

Logistics is crucial for any online store. Delivering your customers’ purchases on time reflects on your store’sefficiency and reliability. Delay in delivering the products is a risk you cannot afford as an online store entrepreneur.

But, living in a big country like India, rules change from State to State. Understanding these rules and finding the respective forms can be a very cumbersome task. That’s why, we bring you an exclusive table to help you sort out the necessary forms to be filled while scheduling a shipment.


   Interstate Shipping Forms and Requirements

Sr. No. List of destination State Business to Consumer (B2C) or Consumer to Consumer (C2C) Business to Business (B2B)
Type of statutory Levy Who is liable/ can pay statutory levy Road permit /paperwork requirement (INR) DOM paperwork exemption limit Status of statutory Levy Paperwork Requirement State VAT website
1 Andhra Pradesh Nil Shipper Invoice Nil
No Statutory levy is paid upfront
CI + VAT Form x/600 www.apct.gov.in
2 Andaman & Nicobar Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.and.nic.in
3 Arunachal Pradesh Entry Tax Consignee CI +DG -01 (TPT doc) <10,000 CI + DG 01 www.arunachalpradesh.nic.in
4 Assam Entry Tax Consignee CI+Form 62 <20,000 CI + VAT Form 61 www.tax.assam.gov.in
5 Bihar VAT Consignee CI+ Form D IX – on line Nil CI + VAT Form D IX www.biharcommercialtax.in
6 Chandigarh Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.chandigarh.gov.in
7 Chattisgarh Nil Shipper Invoice Nil CI & Declaration from Cnee www.comtax.cg.nic.in
8 Dadra & Nager Haveli Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.dnh.nic.in
9 Daman & Diu Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.daman.nic.in
10 Delhi Nil Shipper Invoice Nil CI + T2 www.dvat.gov.in
11 Goa Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.goacomtax.gov.in
12 Gujarat Nil CI + VAT Form 403 Nil CI + VAT Form 403 www.commercialtax.gujarat.gov.in
13 Haryana Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.haryanatax.com
14 Himachal Pradesh Entry Tax Consignee / Carrier Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.hptax.gov.in
15 Jammu & Kashmir Entry Tax Consignee / Carrier Shipper Invoice <5,000 CI + VAT From 65 www.jkcomtax.gov.in
16 Jharkhand Nil CI + VAT Form 502 Nil CI +VAT Form 504 G www.jharkhandcomtax.gov.in
17 Karnataka Nil Invoice & Declaration Nil CI + e-Sugam www.ctax.kar.nic.in
18 Kerala Nil CI + Form 16 <5,000 Shipper Invoice www.keralataxes.gov.in
19 Lakshadweep Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.lakshadweep.nic.in
20 Madhya Pradesh Nil CI+ VAT Form 50 online Nil CI + VAT Form 49 online www.mptax.mp.gov.in
21 Maharashtra Octroi Carrier Shipper Invoice <150 Shipper Invoice + LBT/Octroi www.mahavat.gov.in
22 Manipur Nil CI + VAT Form 37 Nil CI + VAT Form 27 www.manipurvat.gov.in
22 Meghalaya Nil CI+ Special permit Nil CI + VAT Form 40 www.megvat.gov.in
23 Mizoram Nil CI + VAT Form 34 Nil CI+VAT From 33 www.zotax.nic.in
24 Nagaland Nil CI+ VAT Form 23 CI+ VAT Form 23 (online) www.nagalandtax.nic.in
26 Orissa Entry Tax* Consignee Shipper Invoice Nil CI+ VAT Form 402 (online ) www.odishatax.gov.in
27 Pondicherry Nil Shipper Invoice NA Shipper Invoice gst.puducherry.gov.in
28 Punjab Entry Tax Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.pextax.com
29 Rajasthan Entry Tax Consignee CI + Declaration Nil CI + VAT Form 47/47A ( online ) www.rajtax.gov.in
30 Sikkim Nil CI + VAT Form 26 Nil CI+ VAT From 25 www.sikkimtax.gov.in
31 Tamil Nadu Nil Shipper Invoice Nil Shipper Invoice www.tnvat.gov.in
32 Telangana Nil Shipper Invoice Nil CI + VAT Form x/600 www.tgct.gov.in
323 Tripura Nil CI+ VAT Permit CI+ VAT FROM XXIV www.taxes.tripura.gov.in
34 Uttar Pradesh Nil CI + VAT Form 39 Nil CI +VATe-sancharan comtax.up.nic.in
35 Uttrakhand Nil CI + Vat Form 17 <5,000 CI + VAT Form 16 comtax.uk.gov.in
36 West Bengal Entry Tax* Carrier Shipper Invoice + VAT Form 50A Nil CI + VAT Form 50A www.wbcomtax.nic.in

From this table, find the State to which you are shipping your products. Cross check the conditions to know what form is required. Get the forms from the links given in the table. The links to the state government have been provided in the table.

How and when do you use these forms?

You will need to provide the filled forms to the person arriving for the pick up. The logistic company will produce this form for you at the check points. Rest assured, as your products travel safe to reach your customers at far off places.

Thus, you can now send your products to your lovely customers with ease and make sure the shipments don’t return because of a lack of documents. Happy selling! 🙂

Did we miss anything? Do let us know.


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