Are rules more important than emotions and feelings?

If somebody makes an emotional appeal or gives an emotional reason for something, it is mostly to say that he/she had good intentions but couldn’t do the action/work as desired. The first problem with it is that it cannot be verified. The second problem is that even if you think it is wrong and you tell it directly to the user, the user will become defensive about his emotional plea or reason. The third problem with emotional pleas are: almost everybody seems to have an emotional reason for doing or not doing something. So, it is very difficult to know the credibility and intensity of an emotional appeal.

When you work with somebody for a long time, then you start understanding ‘intentions’. That is when you are more ready to make some concessions on emotional pleas. So, the moral is: following rules is more important than intentions and this is especially true in the initial days of any relation – personal or professional. Rules are therefore more important than emotions, especially in the initial period of evaluation.

Thank you.