The Return of the RX100, the original flagship of Yamaha

If you grew up in the 90s like me, then there is no denial that this bike would’ve left a mark on you. My uncle in my home used to ride this bike, and I learnt my first driving on this bike, and hence it is a bike really close to my heart. The rev of this bike still echoes in my ears now. This is one of the most iconic bikes in India ever, the greatest two-stroke legend. In all honesty, the other two stroke legend I really loved driving during my engineering days was the Suzuki Samurai. In my view, I don’t think there was ever a bike that matched Yamaha RX100 and Suzuki Samurai on the Indian roads ever again.

The sheer image of this bike takes me back to my childhood days and my engineering days of all the mind-wandering drives I made along the coastline of Andhra Pradesh on this beauty, and the lengthy talks with friends on the sealines. I remember every inch of this bike as memoirs itched into my brain as I’ve spent a long time of my life riding this and even spending time as a spectator and shadow-driving this since I was really young, like may be when I was 4-5 years old. The bike has a simple commuter/semi-cruiser design with round/circular designs everywhere on the headlight, indicators, and mirror. But, it was a beauty, and the confirmed news from Yamaha is that this beauty is coming back!

For fun, we also used to pronounce it – Y – AMAHA (the Y separately as an alphabet and then the Yamaha would follow). We used to feel it to be a proper introduction deserving of the legend.

Yamaha has confirmed that RX100 is going to return in 2023. And, obviously it will be powered by a much larger engine.

And, then RX100 was discontinued in India and our lives too moved on. But, I am really excited to hear that this beauty is being launched in 2023. Or they could bring the Yamaha XSR155, a very similar bike in looks to the original RX100 which is present in international markets of Yamaha.

I never knew what mileage it gave me, because I never used to put the petrol in those days. I only used to finish off the complete petrol and bring it silently back to the house when my uncle was never there and park it and run off to play cricket. But, they say it is a bike that is just known for its torque, 10.39Nm at 6500 RPM. I am not a very fast driver, but this bike had the best pickup torque of a lot of bikes that I would ride later. There was a lot of criticism in those days of this bike’s torque causing accidents and multiple protests to ban this bike too. But, to me the greatest feature of this bike ever was the sound of its engine – the beat of it – the only other bike that had this was the Suzuki Samurai and may be the Intercontinental 650 now.

Yamaha should bring it back to attract the loyalists of the yesteryears. And I am sure there would be a lot of takers for this franchise.

Thank you.