Top levers to drive sales on Flipkart

If you want to be successful in ecommerce marketplaces, then you’ll have to adhere to certain principles that each of the marketplaces have developed from learning from thousands of customers over these years. The leading platforms for ecommerce sales in Furniture segment are Flipkart, Pepperfry, and Amazon. There are many levers to drive sales of your products on Flipkart, Amazon, Pepperfry or any other such marketplaces.

The 12 most important levers are:

  1. Search Seeding or Search Indexing (this is SEO within the platform) – setting up the product page of PDP page in such a way that the inherent search engine is recognizing and is indexing the PDP page.
  2. A+ Cataloging/Pictures/Videos – have the best-in-class cataloging/descriptions/pictures/videos/and everything possible . Image to Text ratio should be like 1:1 if possible.
  3. Keywords that customers are searching for to be included in the headings and the PDP page
  4. Pin-code Reach – Have maximum pin-code reach
  5. E-kart vs. Dropship – Choose the right delivery model for your business and for your PNL
  6. Reviews & Ratings – Develop reviews and ratings
  7. Warranty – Give maximum warranty or atleast parity warranty compared to competition
  8. Financing/Payment Schemes – Cover EMI/Buy Now Pay Later/Credit Card EMI/ Debit Card EMI/ everything under the sun that enables conversion
  9. Bank Offers – Offer maximum coverage of banks and offers
  10. Fastest Delivery Time – Provide the fastest delivery times
  11. f-assured – Obtain f-assured certification on the product
  12. Backlinks to the PDP page – Develop backlinks to the PDP page to enhance organic traffic, SEO rank.

Advertising on the Flipkart Platform to promote the product

You can use the PLA and PCA Ads on Flipkart Platform to do the same. You can also do Banner ads and others, but PLA and PCA ads are the bread and butter for any product, and specific ad budgets have to be allocated for these ads for each SKU.

If you want to know the difference between PLA and PCA ad, then please refer to the video below. PLA ads are the ones that come in the search listings. PCA ads are the ones which come above the listings like a small banner.

Difference between PLA and PLC Ads (shown below):

Visibility on Category Landing Page

Also, Category Landing Page is under the full control of the Category team at Flipkart. And, they can provide each brand a certain visibility in terms of so many hours per month (HPM). Popular CLP visibility assets are New Launches, Brand Store, Hero Banner, Gateway Banner, Top Brands List, etc.

Visibility on Home Page Assets

Home Page Assets are difficult to gain unless the brand and products have already proven to a strong extent. Nevertheless, there could be opportunities to explore about gateway banner visibility for 3 days during launch phase, and other top assets on the vertical banners, etc. These will help us to really push the visibility and the sales of the brand as Home Page Assets are the hottest property in town. However, the con is that if the brand doesn’t perform well under these kind of visibility, then it becomes very difficult to get a chance again with a similar or marginally incremental proposition.

f-assured is something that is also important to obtain to put the products higher-up in the search list.

Strong Value Proposition

Apart from all the above, the product should have a strong price to value proposition. Most of these platforms drive their volumes from the middle-class population, and hence the price to value proposition has to be very strong. So, all these above have to be checked off and then on top of the most important is to have a strong price to value proposition.

Hope this is useful, thank you.