3 Must Read Essays of Paul Graham

Paul Graham, the silicon valley venture capitalist, is as famous for his essays as he is for co-founding the top seed fund firm, Y Combinator. He studied philosophy, painting, and computer science and he writes essays on a wide range of topics. Here are 3 general essays that I found very interesting. 1. Keep Your Identity Small 2. …

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How our brains lie to us ?


Belief System – Our Comfort Zone

Almost all human beings, except a few, are nothing but a set of belief systems. We develop our own personal system of beliefs. We all interpret the world with our own set of belief systems.  Our belief systems shape our reasoning and behavior. 'What you believe' comes first and it leads to how you feel …

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Understanding vs. Doing

One of the lessons I learnt in life is that ‘understanding is not doing’. If you observe keenly ‘understanding’ and ‘doing’ requires different attitudes. However, many times it is required to understand to do something, though it is not always essential. At most schools, people understand a subject than be able to do something in …

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Attitude cannot be copied

"Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us."  - John N. Mitchell " It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life ;it is how you handle what happens to you. " - Zig Ziglar Oh great! I got it. From tomorrow morning, I will have a positive outlook towards …

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What is Humanities?

Inequality and the hidden role of ‘Chance’

I always observed that many people cry about the world. Some people complain about the inequality in the world, and some people do their bit to bridge the gap. A few years ago, I was also one of them who were deeply thinking about the existing inequality in the world. A lot of my thinking …

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