Intelligence and Passion

For all people there are two primary views of their life. One is the way they see themselves, and the other is how the ‘rest of the world’ sees them. Ofcourse, in this “rest of the world” there will be many people who have different opinions about you.


Let the way you see yourself be a circle. People who are close to you know enough of that circle. One of the key things in this self viewpoint is ‘Your viewpoint on your intelligence’. Everybody has their own circle of intelligence, and the ‘rest of the world’ circle of their intelligence.The difference arises because the rest of the world rates you by your achievements whereas you rate yourself by your capacity to achieve. The first one is the function of the mind alone, where people see a person’s achievements and rate his intelligence. This is quite straight for example  if you are from a premier institute the ‘rest of the world’  rates you intelligent.But, the second one is the function of both the heart and mind where very secretly your heart rates your capacity saying  ‘You can do this’ or ‘You cannot do this’. This is why you rate yourself higher or lower than the ‘rest of the world’ opinion.

Many people think it is the mind that wins over the heart. No, it is always the heart that wins over the mind. Because it is the heart that generates the will power to accomplish a task. It is the heart that lets u be awake all night and achieve things. It is the heart that makes you work hard. Most importantly your heart raises the bar of your intelligence as required for the task if your heart truly says ‘You can do this’. So that is why some people who believe that they can do what they want to will prove the ‘rest of the world’ intelligence rating wrong. Because their heart raises the bar of their intelligence and uses their complete potential. So, it is very important to know what your heart feels like when you do something.

Please travel with me from here on…

Let us talk about the case where your heart says ‘I can do this’. At this point what your heart knows is ‘I am intelligent enough for a task, I can do this’. So, your heart asks for challenging tasks. This is the reason why people like to crack tough exams, do tough jobs and more challenging tasks. Their heart doesn’t ask for something specific rather it asks for challenges. So they fulfill their heart by cracking exams, and doing tough jobs. The problem is they will constantly be in pursuit of challenges, which itself is a challenge. Most people in this don’t like the pursuit of challenges but they like challenges. Simply, they would like if somebody comes to them and gives them a tough puzzle to crack. They will crack it. But they don’t like to go in pursuit of the puzzle. Simply they cannot create the puzzle, they will stop at the last toughest puzzle in this world. Because their heart doesn’t like to create puzzles, their heart wants challenge in solving the puzzle.


Now comes one level above. In your journey of life, sometimes your heart finds what it is. You  encounter something at which point you heart says to you ‘This is it’. This is what I love, and you will produce tremendous energy to do that because you love it. If you love something, you will automatically produce enormous amount of energy to do that,  energy to stand alone against the whole world. This is what I call as PASSION. Love is the center of all this, as you love something automatically everything comes in place. It makes you do everything that needs to be done. The greatest achievers in this world are not the smartest, they are the people who loved what they did and hence produced enormous amount of will power to do it. In this state of mind, you will never lose because the way you go in is itself what your heart wants. It doesn’t want the completion of something, it wants that path towards it. This is the reason why these people don’t bother about the result and they work with complete energy because they are succeeding every moment in that path. This is the reason why they are the creators, they create the next big things. As they are in love with that path, they will make their own path leading to the most important discoveries and inventions of mankind. They will be in that eternal state of love. Even if you beat them to death, they will still be laughing because they have already succeeded.

Somehow, some people realize what their passion is pretty early in their life. I say they are very lucky. Because there is nothing better in your life than knowing what your passion is. If you haven’t found what your passion is and you are still in the domain of ‘asking for the next challenge’ please look for it. I know you don’t have time for it, but it will help you truly discover what is love.


6 thoughts on “Intelligence and Passion

  1. Subramanyam K.V.

    nice post, I loved tha passionpart of it. But when you need to work on something in which you are not that interested I thik the brain should win over the heart or we might not even touch the task we are supposed to do , probably that’s one of the reasons we get very substandard results in the tasks we are not that interested in.

  2. [I think the brain should win over the heart or we might not even touch the task we are supposed to do]

    How do you define ‘supposed to do’? Whether the ‘supposed to do ‘ task has come from the heart or the mind?

    My answer is to your question is: It depends.

    Even if it comes from the mind. If your heart says ‘I don’t care whether you do this or not’ then that is still okay. Because your heart is still fine with it.

  3. There are two things:

    1. You tend to think you love something, when you are very good at it compared to your peers.

    2. You truly love something

    In the first case, you actually don’t love what you do, rather you love the appreciation you get from others. Ask yourself if you will not have anybody to appreciate or pay for what you do. Will you still do it?

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