Head & Tail Categories – Selection, Turnover (GMS), Margin and Rotations

Retail management is all about the rotation of capital. To emphasize the importance of rotations, let us take an example: Let's say I have Rs.10,000 to invest in my business and I am reasonably good at making sofas. So, I invest my Rs.10,000 in raw-material and labor and make a sofa costing me Rs.10,000 (exhausted …

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Entertainment in Television Advertisements

As I mentioned in earlier blog posts, to communicate something to a recipient one has to command the recipient’s attention and then be relevant to the recipient. Communication:  Command Attention (Clutter breaking) ->  Be Relevant This holds true even for communication among two individuals or two groups of people or for television commercials (TVCs). For the …

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AdStock GRPs

AdStock is a simple mathematical model of how advertising builds and decays. It is invented by Simon Broadbent as he studied Milward Brown’s ad awareness data. AdStock helps to: Optimize your advertisement scheduling Used in marketing-mix modelling to come up with advertising ROIs, etc. Helps you decide when to be off-air and when to be …

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