Problems because of mother brand endorsement

Mouthwash was relatively a new category and it was primarily driven by Medical Shops channel, as the consumers generally used to use Mouthwash only when prescribed by the dentists for some medical conditions. Colgate being a pioneer of the oral category, had the challenge to create consumer pull to this category and the brand. Colgate …

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Colgate in India

Colgate has come up as one of the most resurgent brands in the Indian market. The brand covers massive market in terms of volume in toothbrush and toothpaste sales. Colgate is one of the top performers in its category. But with new players entering the segment, Colgate has been resurgent and is ready to face …

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Indian Rural Markets and their potential

India is one of the most challenging markets in the world which fooled big marketers and companies across the world. We have over 1500 Gods segmented into 350 broad categories, and we have a God for every single day of the week. There are 9.5 lakh pan shops, 638,667 number of villages, 612 districts, and …

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