Difference between an academic exam and a job interview

difference between an exam and an interview

No ‘One India’ in Advertising

Not many people would argue about the diversity of the culture in India. This is the country where the language and the taste of water changes every 100 km. The question is - how does this diversity affect the marketers to communicate their products? How does an advertiser look at this diversity? Is there a …

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Strategy – Mission & Vision

People say organizations should have Mission statement, Vision Statement, etc. I say everything boils down to only one word - Purpose. To better understand these things, I took a small example of a person who wants to shift his career from IT to Marketing. Let us see these things from his perspective: MISSION - Why does …

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Difference between Z-test, F-test, and T-test

A z-test is used for testing the mean of a population versus a standard, or comparing the means of two populations, with large (n ≥ 30) samples whether you know the population standard deviation or not. It is also used for testing the proportion of some characteristic versus a standard proportion, or comparing the proportions …

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