Impact of GST on Supply Chain

To understand how Goods and Services tax (GST) will help companies optimize their supply-chain, one needs to understand a little bit taxation and the existing warehouse strategy. Let us take the example of a company whose manufacturing facility is present in Delhi, and it moves its goods down to South India. As the company sells …

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Free Trade Warehouse Zones (FTWZs) and GST

The Government of India has allotted special zones called Free Trade Warehouses to promote trade. The advantage with these warehouses is companies can store there stock in these warehouses and can pay the customs duty only when they actually pull the stock out of the warehouse. For example, the a major petroleum corporation in Rajahmundry …

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Manufacturing Challenges in India

I've read this article in Electronics Bazaar magazine and I thought it would be good to share some of the insights here. The world today sees India's economy growing into what's expected  to be one of the biggest global economies by mid-century. Although India is still viewed by manufacturers as an economy where the risks …

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