Online Travel booming – comScore

In July this year, comScore released a report – State of the Internet with a focus on India. Indians are increasingly using the web for their everyday requirements and it is becoming more and more important for brands to have their presence online.  Some of the key findings from the report:

    • India has around 73 million Internet users, second only to China having 415 million Internet users
    • Over 40 million of the above 73 million internet users access from home or work
    • 75% of the Internet users in India are under 35 years, as compared to the global average of 52%
    • Males spend more time on the internet than females, except for the age group 35-44 where females spend more time online than males
    • Indian women most active on web at 9pm
    • Social Networking sites reach 84% of the web audience in India, and takes up 21% of all time spent online
    • Travel sites with 35% growth are the leading among all the retail websites. India boasts of the highest reach to travel sites among BRIC countries
    • Over half the web-population visited a retail website
    • Career services and development sites visited by 40% of the Indian web population, and is growing with growth rates of over 40%

There is an enormous increase in the number of deal sites in India.   According to comScore, is the leading deals website with over 1400 unique visitors per day followed by with over 1000 unique visitors per day.  Consumer adoption of these types of deal sites could be an important step in the overall growth of e-commerce in India, which has traditionally lagged behind other global markets.