One Reason Why We Fail To Be Disciplined

As an individual, we might be in one skin and flesh but we have multiple avataars of our personality. An event can be interpreted as a positive one or a negative one depending on the avataar we wear at that time. Our wishes, our fears and our emotions are driven by the avataar of that time. When we look at discipline, we look at events and outcomes but we miss thinking about avataars. When you have to get up at 5am, you have to prepare to tame the avataar in you that doesn’t want to get up in the morning or ensure that the avataar that doesn’t want to get up in the morning doesn’t even arise in you.

When we think of discipline, we think of the future from the avataar in the present. We do not prepare enough for the avataars that could emerge or for the avataars to not emerge at all. This is why we fail at discipline often in this world.

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