Push Notifications – Web and App

Push notifications are messages that an application initiates and sends to a computing device such as desktop, mobile or tablet. A web push notification enables you to interact with personalized and customized content with customers who have opted-in over a web-app. Web push notifications can be sent over browsers on desktop, tablet or mobile.  Mobile push notifications are snippets of information delivered to a smartphone user by an app that is already been downloaded by the user on his/her mobile. For mobile notifications, Android doesn’t require an opt-in from the user whereas in Apple a user opt-in is required.

Push notifications usually contain a title, message, and a call-to-action (CTA) button. The technological innovations have given marketers the power to incorporate a range of rich media, backlinks, and images into push notifications.


Refer this link for the top push notification services as on 2018.

What is the best time to send web push notification vs. mobile push notification and what CTRs can be expected?



Source: WebEngage Reports 2018

CTRs vary from industry to industry and usually the CTRs on mobile are better especially for e-commerce. A large-scale e-commerce website marketing manager was quoted saying “the lowest CTR we recorded for the web was around 4% while the highest was around 60%. On mobile, the response has been good, considering the competition posed by notifications from native mobile apps. The lowest CTR recorded on mobile is 3% and the highest was around 50%”.

The average CTR for e-commerce measured by WebEngage in 2018 is as follows:



Mobile push notifications can:

  • increase a mobile app’s open rate by 26% and increase retention by 92%
  • enhance app engagement by 3X of normal
  • are 2X more effective than emails
  • help inform users in real-time
  • customized, segmented push messages convert about 50% of its reach

Companies that use personalized push messages and engage users using interesting and effective content at the right time have exhibited better customer engagement ratios, which in return reflects in key metrics like funnel reports, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value. Push notifications, when used as an effective element of a larger multi-channel engagement strategy, can drive conversions and engagement and enhance the overall brand value, engagement, and equity.

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Source: heavily picked from WebEngage Reports 🙂