3 Must Buy Books on Procrastination

This self-published hit is an important read for somebody looking to solve their own procrastination. The main message in this book is that procrastination is a voluntary kind of delay and in order to overcome it one needs to understand why we are reluctant towards the action. The book starts well and suggests that pre-deciding what to do in a situation helps overcome procrastination. However, post that the book goes into a prescriptive mode suggesting that the way to get out of procrastination is to just start the work and depend on one’s will power. Nevertheless, it is an important read to get a key perspective on one’s procrastination.


The Procrastinator's Mind: Why We Procrastinate and How to Overcome It? by [Balivada]This book is written by an ex-procrastinator and presents the real challenges of a procrastinator. The book talks about three psychological reasons for procrastination, three habitual reasons for procrastination, myths around procrastination and some general solutions of procrastination. The book explores the concepts and situations of how emotions and feelings affect procrastination. The book analyzes why we fear effort, failure, and self-esteem conflict and links it with concepts of identity, assertiveness and discipline. This is a deep account of both disciplined people and procrastinators and their major differences in psyche and habits. The book is a psycho-analysis of procrastination from an individual perspective and doesn’t prescribe any habits and behavior.

This is one of the practical books on procrastination with no-nonsense advice. The book really looks at procrastination in the real lens and understands the psychology of procrastination. Most books that claim to help you with overcoming procrastination boil down to: get organized, make a list, put an alarm, install that app, get off your butt and do your work. Unlike those, this book is very helpful. It starts by explaining why people procrastinate. It’s not because we’re lazy, it’s because procrastination rewards us in some ways too. This book is a must read for all procrastinators to understand and make changes psychologically.

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