3 Must Buy Books on Procrastination

This self-published hit is an important read for somebody looking to solve their own procrastination. The main message in this book is that procrastination is a voluntary kind of delay and in order to overcome it one needs to understand why we are reluctant towards the action. The book starts well and suggests that pre-deciding …

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Procrastination or Executive Function Fail?

Musings of an Aspie

There’s a spot on my kitchen floor, a little cluster of dried reddish drips. I don’t know what it is. If it’s from 3 days ago, it’s tomato sauce. If it’s been there longer . . .  who knows.

I’ve walked past it dozens of times. I look at it. It annoys me. I wonder how it got there. I wish it would go away. It doesn’t occur to me that I can make that happen.

The greasy smudgey fingerprints on the cabinet that I can only see in exactly the right light? The 8-inch long thread that’s been hanging off the bathroom rug since the last vacuuming? The dryer sheet on the laundry room floor? Same thing.

What is this? Why can I sit here and catalog all of these little annoyances yet I still do nothing about them? It’s not like fixing them would take a huge amount…

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Leaders Don’t Manage Time, They Manage Choices

This is an article I liked and found valuable on Psychology Today. The link to the original article is here. Over the last few weeks, we’ve looked at the four behaviors that differentiate a functional manager from a true leader.  As you know, I refer to these behaviors as the “Phenomenal Four,” which include: Cultivating …

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The Procrastinator’s Instant Gratification

Procrastinators are addicted to instant gratification and hence most of the times they are onto YouTube videos, chats, reading unnecessary articles etc. that give instant gratification second to second. On the other hand, most tasks that we do in our life have a longer gratification cycle. Therefore, a procrastinator's subconscious mind sees these tasks as …

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Why you need discipline and why procrastinators are not disciplined?

You don't know what you don't know. When you are planning, you may assume you know everything that is going to happen. No, you don't. A procrastinator makes this assumption and delays the task. But, he always faces new kinds of delays and problems and hence cannot meet the deadline. You don't know what you …

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The Gratification Cycle

My hypothesis is that: With the increased convenience and the fast pace of the world today, we want to be gratified instantly and our ability to wait for gratification is coming down. This is what I call as the gratification cycle and the cycle seems to become shorter and shorter. Our instant access to online …

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The Five Reasons For Not Doing A Task

Overpromise or Couldn't say 'no' while accepting the responsibility. This is primarily because of fear of conflict. Finally when it comes to delivery, there is a problem. Forgot about a clashing interest or task. Forgot about the task totally Avoid failure or embarassment Delaying because it is already delayed and there is no clarity on …

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