Success in a new assignment

When you join a new job, you don't know what you don't know. Success in a new job is not about doing what you know or waiting for you to be told what to do. It is mostly about getting to know what you need to know. This is mostly about working with people. And …

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What Recruiters Want?

Bloomberg has interviewed more than 1200 recruiters from 547 companies and asked them about the skills that they are looking for but can't find. Here is an image conveying the key skills that global companies are looking for. The link to the original report is here.

Leadership – Goal Management – How to approach goals?

GUAGE THE SITUATION RIGHTLY AND HAVE THE RIGHT APPROACH Any business situation can be defined as a goal that needs to be achieved and the assumptions, constraints and resources available under that situation. One needs to use those resources and work with certain constraints and assumptions to make an approach towards achieving a goal in a situation. …

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