Leadership – Goal Management – How to approach goals?


The ARC Triangle.png

Any business situation can be defined as a goal that needs to be achieved and the assumptions, constraints and resources available under that situation. One needs to use those resources and work with certain constraints and assumptions to make an approach towards achieving a goal in a situation. So, a success or a failure is always about the approach within the RAC and not about the individual. But often, we think successes are about only an approach and we replicate a successful approach in one RAC into another RAC without understanding that the RACs are very different and hence require different approaches.


Dealing with situations are people and therefore it is important to understand what people bring to table. People bring with them abilities, motives (goals) and emotions.These three attributes define their actions. Emotions are influenced by beliefs; the stronger the belief the stronger the emotion.



The assumption is that the actions by people will suit the approach required to the situation defined by resources, assumptions and constraints. But, that is not necessary. An individual’s motives need not match with the goals for a situation.

Therefore, organizations say that we will meet the individual’s motives and in turn expect the individual to provide commitment (discipline), loyalty and innovation. And in return to hone the abilities organizations provide training and to feed your emotions organizations provide best work environments and to feed your goals  organizations provide incentives & paycheck.

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The problem is when we have to tie all these together and all of them have to work in sync with each other. This lack of seamless sync across changing times is what that causes problems. However, having a big picture like this does help in managing the right teams in the right way to have the right approach.



The BIG Picture.png


But, people bring together egoes, clash of interests, communication, interdependence and many others. A leader’s job is to align them towards the right direction.