Get Away From Your Smartphone Pleasure Traps! (Reblog from The Procrastinator’s Mind)

This is a repost from The Procrastinator’s Mind (

Today, we live a significant part of our lives in the smartphone. We all have an overwhelming need to stay connected and not miss any important notifications. But in this process, we also become addicted to our smartphones regularly checking for pleasurable messages or visually appealing Instagram posts. We do not know when this happens, and it eats away little chunks of time without notice and makes us feel bad and tired.

As we saw in the last post on time management, a significant part of our lives is spent in our professional lives and we do not have a lot of time left for personal and family time during the weekdays. Therefore, small chunks of time lost to the smartphone over the day can amount to a situation of the person not having time for a music class or a meal together with the family towards the end of the day. We might be paying a big price each time we are unnecessarily scrolling our social media posts for pleasure, security, and social interaction.

We should realize that it is not necessary to be in continuous contact with the smartphone. Three ways to reduce your smartphone addiction straightaway without affecting your smartphone productivity are as below:

Don’t take your phone to your bedroom, and it is not healthy too.

Stimulation, light, and constant radiation disturbance doesn’t let you sleep well and you need to sleep healthy in order to function well the next day. With irregular sleep, your body and mind will ask you for more sleep hours than without these constant disturbances. Out wake time is anyways constantly accompanied by smartphone, we need to get away from it during sleep. Moreover, no matter what the certifications say, it is important to keep away from the electromagnetic radiation for some part of your day. So, the smartphone simply just doesn’t belong in the bedroom.

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