Why Oranjolt failed?

Rasna Limited is one of the leading soft drinks companies in India. The Rasna advertisement is as mouth-watering as the drink itself. We will discuss about Rasna’s experiment of a new drink outside its niche segment.

Given the threat of foreign competitors, Rasna was pressed to do something new.  Rasna launched a drink called ‘Oranjolt’. Very few people must have heard about it because it died even before it came to the store.

Oranjolt is a fruit drink in which carbonation is used as a preservative. So why did it fail? Oranjolt requires continous refrigeration. Many Indian retailers switch off their refrigerators during night time. As a result, Oranjolt faced quality problems.

The other problem Oranjolt has is its shorter shelf life. Oranjolt has a shelf life of three to four weeks, whereas most soft-drinks have a shelf life of around 10-12 weeks. This demanded quick replenishment at the stores. Unfortunately, the distribution structure in India is not very efficient to replace the product every three to four weeks. Even FMCG giants Pepsi and Coke replenish once in 10 weeks.

Rasna’s first experiment was not that successful. However, it looks like Rasna has some big plans in this sector as it reinvents Oranjolt.