People spend most of their time in the day around spaces like office, apartment, school and gym. Let us say, you need the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ to read over the weekend. Most probably you will ask some people in your office, a few acquaintances in your apartment, and if they don’t have the book you will go and buy the book.  But are they only a few people in your office, apartment or any community space that you visit regularly. No, there are hundreds of people. So, how good it would be if I can know who in my apartment is willing to share ‘The Da Vinci Code’ book?, and who in my apartment can give me a football for the weekend?


Olytor helps you to find who is willing to share what in your communities. May be the new tenant who stays below your apartment has a football, but you never bother to ask him because you don’t know him. Similarly, if you need a book, you may never bother to ask the guy who works out along with you in the gym. Olytor helps you to know who in your gym owns the book. Olytor helps you search and share items like books, dvds, music players, bags, sports equipment, etc, among your communities. It leverages upon the fact that people spend most of their time in these community spaces but they interact with only a few people in those communities. With the help of Olytor you can freely search who owns an item and request an item, without actually disturbing them.


As Olytor deals with actual physical locations, we need to make sure all the spaces created also exist physically. All the community spaces are geo-tagged with Google Maps, to ensure spaces can be created for real physical locations only. This helps in clear distinction between different office branches etc.


Let us suppose you walk in to the lift of your apartment or office. Another person in the lift sees the book in your hand and says ‘I would like to borrow this book’. I am sure you will be comfortable lending the book to him as against lending it to a total stranger. Yes, we trust him because we see him daily, because he is also a part of the community. As we belong to the same community, it builds trust eventhough we don’t know each other. Olytor works on this principle and gains trust of each other.

You can share your movie dvds, books, furniture, DYI kits, crockery, apparel, electronics, musical instruments, sports gear, gym equipment and many more. Olytor is still in its development cycle, so please bear with it and let us know the feedback. Please visit Olytor to know more about how it works.

Happy Sharing @ Olytor