HBS Case Studies to read

Some of the case studies which are a must-read for every marketer:

1. Marketing Myopia

There is a reason for this being the first in this list. This is a revolutionary
article on Marketing written by Theodore Levitt. This article made him world-famous and the father of modern marketing. This is one of my favourite articles and is easily one of the greatest contributions to Marketing.

2. Marketing Simulation: Managing segments and customers

This is a simulation program from Harvard Business School, where the student assumes the positions of CEO and CMO of a medical motor manufacturer and are tasked with executing successful B2B marketing strategies from period to period. This is one program that teaches you the whole framework of Marketing Strategy.

3. Marketing Analysis Toolkit: Market Size and Market Share Analysis

Market shares, market sizes, growth rates are the breath of every marketer. Every marketer should understand the basics of market and how these are calculated. Marketers frequently need to estimate the projected sizes of the markets and market shares. This case covers all you need to know about the market analysis and projections for both existing products and new products.

4. Giant Consumer Products: The Sales Promotion Resource Allocation Decision

This case provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with some major strategic issues that firms face when formulating and implementing a sales promotion, including: cannibalization, branding, pricing strategies.

5. Cunard Line Ltd.: Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

Cunard, the world’s oldest luxury line company, is confronted with several key issues involving its marketing and marketing communications strategy. One concerns the balance between image/positioning, and the competition planning. This case explains all the problems related to positioning, and how to solve the communications problems with an integrated communications strategy. This is a very important case for every marketer.

6. Creating a Marketing Plan: An Overview

This is well explained in the book Marketer’s Essentials, a book by HBS. But it is a delight to go through this book and the way all the concepts of marketing are integrated to develop marketing strategies. Also definite templates for Marketing Plan, and Customer Value are provided.

Also, one can refer to http://www.elearning.hbsp.org/businesstools.

Also, refer to the references of papers in Marketing Management text book given for each chapter. This is a very comprehensive collection of all papers in Marketing.