Should we kill the villagers?

Following is a problem which I am not able to get to a justifiable solution. I would like to know the opinions/solutions of people on this issue.

If a person harms people in the society, the Government arrests him as he is a threat to the society. But what if, there is a person who doesn’t do any harm and is living his life normally.But many people will be happy if he is dead. Should we kill him because many people want him to be dead? Is this the right solution?

The above comes from the situation as below:

Suppose there is a village in India, and all the villagers are living emotionally attached to that ground/physical area. One day one of the oil giants realize that there are many oil wells in the geographical area of that village. Without complicating it too much, let us suppose that the villagers are not willing to leave the village for the reason of emotion attached with it and nothing else. This exact environment cannot be substituted, replicated, or reproduced elsewhere. As the villagers are concerned with the emotion, they are not interested in any compensations for leaving the village.

Looking at this situation, the villagers are correct in their own way for not leaving the village. Assume that the villagers are good and have no problem in giving way for the oil giant, but they don’t want to leave the place. The oil giants says that there is plenty of oil which would be extremely useful and important for the economy and well-being of the country and its larger number of citizens. Many people can be benefited from this oil.

So, the question is: Should we kill the villagers and extract oil for the larger benefit or not?



2 thoughts on “Should we kill the villagers?

  1. Sai

    The villagers are ignorant of the presence of oil when they started residing there. So, when we have found the oil now, suddenly the place has become important and is in huge demand. Assume that the villagers are not leaving only for the reason of emotion with the place which cannot be replicated, or reproduced elsewhere. They are not ready to accept any compensation.

    Simply they are not ready to move. Should we kill them?

  2. Padmaraj Bhat

    Magarpatta City in Pune is the one of the finest outcome such situation….I m not clear abt the situation of the farmer who gave their land to the fully fledged township…..I heard one of the village boy studied MBA …acquired land and built a city…

    May be this has to be the strategy…. bring one intelligent person from the villagers ….make him understand the project …..convince the profit to the ppl. This should work out without killing ppl 🙂

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