Cigarettes in India

Following are the different types of cigarettes in India:

Cigarette Length: 90mm, 102mm
Brands present: More, Virginia Slim

King Size Filter Tip (KSFT)
Cigarette Length: 84mm
Brands present: Wills Classic, Gold Flake King Size (Premium)

Mini King Size Filter Tip (MKSFT)
Cigarette Length: 76mm
Brands present: Navy Cut; Because of only Navy Cut this category is present.

Regular Size Filter Tip (RSFT)
Cigarette Length: 69mm
Brands present: Gold Flake Regular, and a lot of other brands

Plains – These are regulars without the filter and this is a dying category.
Micros – These are the smallest cigarettes without the filter and it is a dying category.

The total number of smokers in India are 5 million and the total number of tobacco consumption consumers are 9 million (including the ghutka, khaini, bidi). ITC commands a whopping share of around 80+% followed by Godfrey Philips with around 6-9% market share. Gold Flake is the largest selling brand in India.

Overall, the cigarette companies have tremendous challenge with regulations and taxes becoming heavier for them day by day. Already, in countries like the UK, the government has given a notice that all cigarette packs should only come in a white packaging without any branding. So, companies are trying to brand inside the pack. Also, in many countries it is counter-advertised that it is not cool anymore to smoke a cigarette.


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  1. Sai Krishna

    No, these are correct numbers. One feels that the numbers are very high considering the number of people we see around smoking. But I have done complete segmentation of the users.

    Cigarettes is more of an urban phenomena.

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