Recliners Market in India


Gone are the days when recliners were only seen in the ultra-rich houses in India. Recliners are one of the most aspirational living room items for the average Indian today from an NRI household to the average household and are now commonly seen in an average middle and upper-middle income households.

A majority of this shift is due to better availability of economy recliner options, while originally the only recliners available were the premium recliners made by Durian and Godrej (above Rs. 50,000). Also, the new private labels from major retailers like Flipkart and brands like Recliners India have also improved the accessibility of these economy recliners. Today, according to IMRB Furniture Study 2018, the market size of Recliners in India is close to Rs. 280 Crores with 70% of the consumption still concentrated in metro cities.

Recliners broadly come in three types: pushback, manual lever and motorized. A recliner is nothing but an upholstered single seat arm-chair that tilts backward to put the body in a relaxing position. The underlying recliner mechanism is what that makes this tilt possible and each of the different types of reclining positions and types has different mechanisms under the seat. Some of the common most known mechanisms of recliner suppliers worldwide are Leggett & Platt (L&P), Global Furniture Components (GFC) and Remacro Machinery & Technology (RMT).

Some of the recliner mechanism options available in the market are similar to below.

Recliner Mechanisms - RMT - Brandalyzer.png

An average mechanism costs around Rs.1900 to Rs.2300 plus taxes in India. Fitted under a wooden frame, the most basic recliner does the job and it looks similar to the below.

Recliner Fitted - Brandalyzer.png


But there are so many comfort options to splurge and to build your living room indulgence. Some of the integrated features in a recliner provide ample comfort and literally bring all the living room at your finger tips on the recliner. Recliners today come with integrated cup-holders, tables, charging ports, swivel functionality to rotate the angle of the recliner, movable head-rest, common storage, blue-tooth speakers, foot-strip lighting and options to integrate your Alexa.

Recliner Features - ReclinersIndia - Brandalyzer.png

And then the leather and the cushioned comfort of the upholstery itself makes all the difference between a recliner that works and a recliner that takes into clouds.

Installing a Reclining Mechanism


Cost Structure of a Basic Manual Recliner

Recliner Costing-Brandalyzer.png

Recliners are a favorite to most people when they come back home after a day filled with office chores and traffic. People want to have their own time on the recliner for a good hour or so and the modern comforts integrated within the recliner is making people stay on the recliner for longer periods. From an economic recliner at Rs.15000 to the extravagant recliner at Rs.9 lakhs, the Indian market is now flooded with recliners as busy metro Indians are coming back home to spend a quiet time for themselves in front of the television in the evenings and relax after office.

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