Spring Mattresses in India – Bonnel Springs vs. Pocket Springs

In a previous blogpost, I discussed about the foam mattresses market and manufacturing in India. In this blogpost, we will have a similar discussion specifically on spring mattresses and the details of the product manufacturing.

Recap of the Mattress Market in India

The market size of the Indian mattress industry is close to 10,000 Crores (INR) and is comprised of Rubberized Coir, PU foam, Spring and Latex Rubber foam mattresses. The industry has been growing at a CAGR of 8-10% (for last 5 years) with 70% of the industry being unorganized and 30% of the industry being organized. Among the organized market, PU Foam contributes to 50% of the market followed by Coir at 30% and Spring at 20% of the market.

Spring Mattresses in India

In India, Coir and Foam mattresses dominated the market until as late as 2006. Peps, in association with Restonics, is really the first brand to launch branded spring mattresses at a nation-wide scale.Today, almost all major manufacturers (including local players) build their own spring mattresses. This grew the spring mattress category from Rs.100 crores to close to Rs.1500-1800 crores today. Some of the largest spring mattress manufactures in India are Peps, SpringTek, Kurlon, Restolex, Duroflex, Comforto, Sleep Innovations and Spring Air.

17mm foam quilting with diamond pattern.jpeg

17 mm thick foam quilted with a diamond design.

Bonnel Springs


Bonnel Springs - Factory - Brandalyzer.jpeg


Pocket Springs

Pocket Springs - Guarded with metal wire.jpeg





Bonnel Springs have been used in mattresses for a long time. These springs form the center layer of a mattress with additional foam on all the four sides of the mattress. They are interconnected with helical wires and are bound inside the mattress frame. Bonnell springs have fewer and larger springs linked together with high-quality fillings. The impression is somewhat firmer than the pocketed. Bonnell springs are less receptive to pressure and may sag under your body weight. Bonnell Spring mattresses are ideal for guests or for children rooms, where a higher level of support may not be absolutely necessary because of not so regular usage and low pressure.

Pocket Springs are individual springs encased in small kora fabric units that are connected with each other. The springs can compress and expand individually without affecting each other. They offer high point elasticity and better pressure distribution. A mattress with pocket springs enables zero motion transfer. Pocket springs are commonly used in couches too. If you’ve got a restless bedtime partner, you need a pocket spring base in your spring mattress. The pocket spring uses the small individual springs, each in its own calico pocket. With each small spring reacting to the pressure applied to the mattress a perfect degree of support is gained across the length of the body – with maximum support given automatically where it is needed most – ensuring the spine is kept straight even if you sleep on your side.

Beds Springs Comparison - Brandalyzer.png

With spring forming the core layer, the mattress needs a soft comfort layer on top. This is where memory foam layer really adds to the advantages of a spring mattress. Memory foam was designed by NASA. It softens in reaction to body heat and moulds itself to body contours, making it ideal for pressure relief. If you’re more of a side sleeper, you’ll notice the added comfort around your shoulders, rib cage, and hip. Even on your back, the foam aligns with your natural spine curve giving the soothing touch for a good night’s sleep. While ordinary memory foam can be a heat sink, a more advanced version called the ‘Open Cell Structure’ (OCS) technology further ensures the foam layer doesn’t trap heat. It allows ventilation and gives a cool, dry and fresh feel. However, one should also be careful that memory foam could be suffocating if you are a face-down sleeper. Also, memory foam could suffocate infants if left on their own on a memory foam mattress as the infant can sink into the foam.

The various sizes of the mattresses depending upon the dimensions of the bed are as follows:-

  • For a Single bed, the dimensions of the mattress required would be: 72″ x 36″ or 6 feet x 3 feet.
  • For a Double bed, the dimensions of the mattress required would be: 72″ x 42″ or 6 feet x 3 feet 6 inches.
  • For a Queen sized bed, the dimensions of the mattress required would be: 72″ x 60″ or 6 feet x 5 feet.
  • For a King sized bed, the dimensions of the mattress required would be: 78″ x 72″ or 6 feet x 6 feet

While spring mattresses market is growing in India, the Indian population, both Urban and Rural, are largely unaware of the benefits of a spring mattress at home. With affordable brands launching spring mattresses and brands driving awareness, it will be soon a common sight to have the affordable luxury of spring mattresses in most urban houses in India.

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