Dan Bilzerian – Pleasure is not happiness!

One of the things that I really love about life is conversations. Conversations make me happy in life, conversations about philosophy, technology, God, business, nirvana, music, and anything under the sun… with friends, neighbors. I have a new bunch of neighbors (during COVID) who come over and have lunch and dinner discussions over a lot of topics during this COVID and I was so happy about it that I didn’t want them to leave every night – that makes me really happy.

I like this interview of Dan Bilzerian a lot because it is my kind of a discussion on a lot of topics. To understand something truly, you need to get to do the opposite too and see why that is not important. You need to truly introspect in life to understand and break the stupid clutter around a lot of things. I do agree with Dan on a lot of things in an interview – people are happy with connections, building things together and a certain amount of mastery in something at the end in life.

Life is the same across the globe. Some people say, Oh! you’ve got a better cleaner beach whereas it is not the same over in XX… Look beyond the obvious dumbass! It is the same thing. It is simple.