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How VAT works?

VAT — Value-Added Tax — is the biggest tax reform in the last 50 years of independent India and will change forever the way traders do their business. But do you understand VAT? Don’t you need advice on the new VAT laws and how they affect your business? No need to worry, help is at […]


Calculating Distributor or Dealer ROI

This is a post that is written on and the link to the original article is here. I just cannot emphasize enough about how well this article has been written and hence I’ve included even some of the comments. Thanks to gyaanokplease for this post. So probably the first thing that your distributor/dealer/stockist is […]


Working Capital Management and Profitability

Working Capital is the total of the amounts invested in current assets of the company. Net working capital results from the deduction of current liabilities from current assets; Working Capital Management consists of determining the volume and composition of sources and uses of working capital in such a way that would increase the wealth of […]


Strategic Channel Management

A sales channel is about where you’re going to sell and how you’re going to sell. In fact, it is about where you’re consumer is willing to purchase your product, where the consumer expects the product to be available, what is the consumer decision making process regarding your category and product, and what is your […]