Three Pillars of Demand Generation

Demand Generation is a set of activities that communicates relevant messages to appropriate audience and get them excited and interested about a company's products and services with an intention to convert the prospect into a qualified lead and then into a customer. The goal of demand generation is to develop the key prospect or customer …

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What is changing in the television experience?

People are no more watching television in the same way they used to watch television five years ago. Today, most viewers are using their smart phones and tablets while watching television. These devices are called second screens, as viewers are using these devices as a companion while watching the primary screen or the first screen - Television. If the television content …

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The buzz about Twitter, TV, and Nielsen

What is Twitter for TV ? Historically, TV viewers have always liked to discuss and debate about TV shows. People always talked about that particular cricket shot, actor, and that movie scene as they watched TV in their drawing rooms. But, the discussion was traditionally limited (geographically) to people inside the room. Twitter for TV allows you to tweet your ‘talk’ …

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Social Media Revolution