Top 9 online furniture rental websites/companies in India

The Indian online furniture rental market, including furniture, home decor, and appliances, is estimated to be a $1.5 to $2 Billion market by 2020. This is only a fraction when compared with the overall furniture market size of close to $32 Billion. With millennials increasingly becoming mobile in the way they live and work, renting furniture is starting to become a major trend in India – especially in the top 8 metro cities. Renting can be better than buying for those who don’t want to root for long-term use of the furniture, who don’t want the hassles of owning and disowning products and who want to experience cool furniture without spending a huge amount in one go.

Renting furniture or appliances is not entirely new to Indian consumers as local vendors have always been offering rental services. However, online portals such as Furlenco and GoZefo really deliver well designed, artistic, ambient-creating furniture and convenience at an affordable monthly rental. Let’s check out the various furniture rental options available for Indian consumers. Below are the top 9 e-commerce companies where one can rent furniture online in India.

  1. Furlenco (
  2. GoZefo Rentals (‎)
  3. Rentomojo (
  4. City Furnish (
  5. Rentickle (
  6. Fabrento (
  7. GrabOnRent (
  8. RentOnGo (
  9. Guarented (


  1. Furlenco


Furlenco was the first brand to start this category in India and is the market leader in the category. Furlenco has the best collection of furniture among all rental websites in India and is operational in 7 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad.


  • Free pick and drop facility.
  • One free servicing
  • Damage coverage of up to Rs.10000
  • Free relocation of products.

2. GoZefo Rentals

GoZefoRentals.pngGoZefo is one of the largest online sellers of refurbished furniture and appliances in India. GoZefo buys unboxed customer returns or distributor returns from other partners and re-sells them on its platform. It has various categories of the product condition such as unboxed plus, unboxed, like new, well used and gently used. In April 2018, GoZefo started offering rentals in partnership with Rentomojo on all its inventory.


  • Wide selection
  • Buy-back guarantee
  • Offers the option to own the asset
  • Value for money as assets are differentiated in price basis the condition


3.  Rentomojo


Rentomojo is a platform known to rent not only furniture and appliances but even bikes and fitness equipment. It is not only a rental platform, but also offers customers an option to own the product through its rent-to-own offering.


  • Free relocation
  • Rent to own
  • Furniture swaps
  • Rental Bikes


4. City Furnish


CityFurnish is a rental website that offers selection including furniture, appliances and fitness equipment. Moreover, it offers excellent packages such as IPL package, Living Room package, etc. CityFurnish is really known to be budget friendly considering its low rents.


  • Free cleaning services and maintenance
  • Budget friendly (mostly targeting students)
  • Rent to own option is available

5. Rentickle


Rentickle is a one-stop shop for easily renting furniture, appliances and other home furnishing essentials. It is based out of Delhi and operational in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Hyderabad.


  • Upto four months free rental
  • Free relocation
  • Free maintenance
  • Online chat with customer care
  • Easy returns


6. Fabrento

Fabrento is another furniture rental company providing both rental and rent-to-own option to customers.



  • Rent-to-own option
  • Separate New Arrivals section and option to swap your furniture with new arrivals
  • Wide range of packages


7. GrabOnRent


GrabOnRent rents everything under the hood from furniture and appliances to computers and bikes. Launched in 2015, GrabOnRent is operating in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.


  • Rent-to-own option
  • 24 hour delivery
  • Free maintenance
  • Cash on delivery


8. RentOnGo


RentOnGo is a Bangalore based company popular for renting bikes and adventure equipment. However, it has started in furniture, appliances and other electronics too. The website has a separate section for two wheeler rentals.


  • Adventure equipment rentals
  • Wide range of categories from vehicles to guitars
  • Free maintenance and swaps


9. Guarented


Guarented is another furniture rental company offering similar rental services. The website looks clean and has a good range of products within the budget for all customer segments.


  • Rent-to-own model
  • Combo Offers
  • Free Swaps within same price range

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